Give your patients a voice

Connect with your patients across different points of care to collect and monitor their feedback to improve service and provide personalized care.

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Create and distribute surveys

  • Build customized surveys with questions that matter to your patients.
  • Reach out to patients with your survey via emails, kiosks, tablets and more.
  • Encourage feedback submissions with an engaging and friendly interface.

Capture feedback from all patients

  • Collect feedback from patients of multiple demographics securely, anonymously and in real-time.
  • Flag response that require immediate attention and escalate them to improve service recovery.
  • Investigate further and initiate proper recovery process by linking the file to the Feedback software.

Improve your patients’ care

  • Personalize patient care with both qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Track and trend responses to get insights on your patient experience data.
  • Use insights to improve patient experiences and scores.

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