Reduce Risk with Efficient Patient Safety Software

Quickly access healthcare risk management data, identify trends, build reports, and share data across your organization. RLDatix patient safety software not only captures adverse events but empowers you to effectively learn and shift from a reactive to proactive approach.

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Reduce your organizational risk with a partner that has exclusive dedication to healthcare.

RLDatix’s risk management software is holistically built to help drive risk reduction for incidents, accidents, and other adverse events to improve patient safety.

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Improve Safety Through Centralized Data

RLDatix’s safety-centered approach helps leaders make the systematic and cultural changes necessary to achieve harm reduction and transform the delivery of care.

Our Risk, RCA, Feedback and Claims modules can share centralized data, increasing administrative efficiencies and improving patient outcomes. Capture a true organizational view of risk and foster departmental collaboration by:

  • Breaking down departmental silos and disparate data sources.
  • Assigning tasks, track follow-ups and gauge success with rich data reports.
  • Automatically sharing critical data with stakeholders when thresholds are exceeded.
  • Connecting to EHRs, ADTs, and HR/ESR’s to improve accuracy. Learn more
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Reduce Administrative Burden with Easy-to-Use Incident Forms

RLDatix’s quick and intuitive event entry captures adverse events, near misses and good catches with customizable intelligent fields. We make event entry fast, so you can focus on treating patients.

  • Accurately select categorizations for events with easy-to-read icons
  • Increase patient information accuracy by populating fields from your ADT
  • Save time and standardize entries by bringing formulary information into events
  • Close the loop with frontline submitters with File Submission Tracker
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Interactive Dashboards and Robust Reporting Tools

Easily build dashboards and custom reports, identify trends, and share data with stakeholders. Our dashboard and reporting tools quickly monitor, assess, and zero in on key risk areas.

  • Leverage intuitive and highly customizable reporting tools
  • Easily extract key data and insights from interactive charts
  • Surface immediate needs to leadership through visually appealing reports
  • Automatically schedule and deliver key findings or reports
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Proactively Monitor and Alert High-Risk Events

RLDatix’s Risk Register allows you to flag safety events before they even happen. Reduce common adverse events and create lasting change with improved monitoring capabilities.

  • Track emerging risks, trends, and alert exceeded thresholds
  • Flag events that might be a potential high-risk such as adverse drug reactions, falls, pressure ulcers, or hospital acquired- infections
  • View likelihood and severity status through an initial risk rating matrix
  • Develop an action plan and then continuously assess the risk to focus on the highest impact areas
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Seamlessly Connect Data with Other Systems

Make data entry more efficient and accurate by leveraging our integration options. Learn more

  • Patient Lookup: Connect to your ADT system through an HL7 connection
  • Staff & Physician Lookup: Integrate with your HR/ESR systems
  • Medication & Equipment Lookups: Uploaded formulary or equipment file
  • EMR Integration to create automatic triggers
  • Regulatory Reporting: Import and export data to third-party organizations
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Reduce Regulatory and Litigation Risk

Analyze errors, education, process deficiencies, and patterns to mitigate future harm and remain compliant with accreditation agencies.

  • Use out of the box tools to meet standard regulatory formats for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), The Joint Commission, and other accreditation agencies.
  • Monitor high penalty risk areas such as falls, pressure ulcers, or HAIs.
  • Proactively monitor potentially compensable events (PCEs) through integration of Claims with Risk and Feedback software.
  • Mitigate risk of malpractice claims by integrating related policies directly within the system for review. Allow staff members to identify policies that may have contributed to the event.

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