Clinical surveillance and analytics at your fingertips

Robust software that allows you to identify trends, provide earlier intervention, and reduce the incidence of healthcare acquired infections

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'Get ahead with surveillance'

  • Customize your organization’s surveillance with lab results, ADT, pharmacy and more.

  • Get instant contact tracing reports to help IPs prevent and mitigate HAIs, MDROs and communicable diseases from spreading.

  • Forecast infection risks in your community before diagnosis with Contact Based Syndromic Surveillance specific to your facility.

'Check off all the boxes'

  • Respond to early indication of sentinel events with critical decision support, based on best practices. 

  • Easily configure, perform, monitor and track user-defined compliance and hand-hygiene audits.

  • Streamline reporting to the regulatory bodies, internal and external stakeholders.

'Meet and exceed regulatory orders for your staff safety'

  • Record and track staff immunization, allergy, FIT testing and occupational exposure history 

  • Reduce risk of vaccine preventable diseases (VPD)  

  • Track detailed information regarding staff immunizations including vaccine lot numbers, manufacture and, expiration dates and staff recall 

  • Interface with your HR systems to keep staff details up to date.  

'Stay aware of critical infection events'

  • View all your inboxes, alerts, outbreak warnings, and meaningful statistics from one place.

  • Perform automatic targeted surveillance by customizing form and search, so you can quickly review infection evidence.  

  • Stay compliant with regulatory requirements and bring meaning to your data with powerful reporting analytics.

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