Empower your hospital's antimicrobial stewardship teams with the right tools

RLDatix's antimicrobial stewardship software helps healthcare organizations ensure the right drugs are reaching the right patients - at the right time and for the right duration

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'Gather information on your antimicrobial usage'

  • Fulfill recommendations and regulations set by regulatory bodies.

  • Create antibiograms in seconds and give your ID physicians and pharmacists the info they need to empirically prescribe the right agent.

  • Receive alerts for prescriptions for restricted drugs, drug-bug mismatches and more

'Take steps to mitigate drug related incidents'

  • Prevent harm and minimize the risk of unintended consequences, like C. difficile infections, with electronic surveillance.

  • Stay in the know about all your antimicrobial use, microbiology and other lab results, reports, alerts and admission/discharge/transfer info in one place.

  • Support effective antibiotic use without negatively affecting quality of care.

'Identify opportunities to intervene'

  • Prove the value of your antimicrobial stewardship interventions by exploring ways to prevent issues while achieving better outcomes.  

  • Use your data to track antimicrobial stewardship protocols, outcomes and processes across your organization throughout the year.

  • Report your antimicrobial utilization and resistance data to regulatory bodies.

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