Safer care starts with proactive approach to compliance

A strong compliance program highlights risk and drives safety. Our solutions surface areas of non-compliance and proactively support accreditation, regulatory, and policy management requirements, including processes and improvement activities.

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Elevate your organization from reactive to proactive while identifying and eliminating potential risk

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Accreditation & Regulatory

Continually monitor compliance with standards, regulations, policies, and procedures. Track and manage mock and official survey findings from observation through resolution

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Policy and Procedure Management

Comprehensively manage document lifecycles with extensive search capabilities, automated workflow and safety integration

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Manufacturer Documents, IFUs, and Safety Data Sheets

Standardize and incorporate documents, guidelines, IFUs, and Safety Data sheets into your compliance journey

Protect your organization against fines and lost revenue with the RLDatix Accreditation and Regulatory module

    • Proactively support safety initiatives by driving accreditation, regulatory and certification requirements, including process improvement activities. 
    • Connect data, including rounding and links to policies and multiple standards through a single mobile-friendly platform.  
    • Incorporate best practice rounds, proactive assessments and safety audits for timely service recovery. 
    • Feel confident knowing you have access to over 300 national, state and specialty standards, enhanced by industry, client and RLDatix expertise. 
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Create operational efficiencies and improve performance and compliance with RLDatix PolicyStat

    • Easily search your policies to quickly find and display the information users need. Manage policy reviews, make edits and set-up approval workflows directly in the software.  
    • Identify compliance gaps, measure efficiency and promote accountability with reports and data. Then take action to correct non-compliance risks, leading to better outcomes and a safer organization. 
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Avoid non-compliance citations with OneSource

    • Easily access Instructions For Use, cleaning protocols, service manuals, and Safety Data Sheets across all departments. 
    • Radically reduce healthcare acquired infections through easy access to the most up-to-date sterilization guidelines 
    • Access every document in one streamlined subscription through oneSOURCE Complete. Databases include Surgical Instruments & Equipment, Biomedical, Tissue & Implant, Dental, Facilities Maintenance, and Safety Data Sheets.
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Be confident in your compliance so you can focus on safer patients

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