• RL6:Risk

    Prevent medical errors. Report incidents. Improve patient safety. Do it all with RL6:Risk.


    RL6 gives healthcare organizations what they need to become a highly reliable organization. Our flexible, easy-to-use software encourages event reporting – ultimately reducing the severity of incidents & overall risk.





    Are your risk management initiatives working? Now you can know – definitively – with RL6. Show your organization how you’re improving patient safety and preventing serious medical errors with risk management programs.


    • Exclusive American Hospital Association endorsement for incident reporting and management

    • Create reports – without involving your IT department

    • Track more adverse events with easy-to-use submission forms and automated alerts

    • Personalize your workspace to display the info that you want to see

    Select a form from the Icon Wall

    Select a form from the Icon Wall

    Simple login screen

    Simple login screen

    Manage your files

    Manage your files

    • Select a form from the Icon Wall
    • Simple login screen
    • Manage your files


    Build better reports to capture, analyze & prevent adverse events

    • Get fast answers to questions that every risk manager has with RL6’s reports
    • Email reports & save them as PDFs
    • Export report data to Microsoft Excel or other programs for analysis
    • Save report templates
    • Take a report snapshot for a specific point in time
    • Run customized reports with just a few clicks
    • Drill-down into reports 


    Create custom forms with the new Forms Designer

    • Add your hospital logo, re-name fields, add new fields, move fields and sections, change the layout & more
    • Embed field-level help & instructions
    • Create single- or multi-page submission forms
    • Choose your drop-down lists
    • Intelligent forms adapt to data previously entered in that field


    Personalize your workspace to fit the way you work

    • Front-line users see a quick entry mode, to encourage easy event submission
    • Managers and admins have powerful behind-the-scenes functionality to manage the entire file lifecycle
    • Save frequently-used reports in your My Favorites folder, or personal reports in My Reports
    • Access your workspace from any computer over the Internet
    • Customize your virtual workspace with logos, colors, layout and more


    Protect yourself – and your patients – with heightened security features

    • Conceal sensitive information when printing by replacing specific names, dates, places and more with generic tags
    • Replace part of a field, such as a doctor’s name in a memo, while leaving the rest of the field intact
    • Audit Log tracks before-and-after data on field changes, including the date & time, user location (IP address), name and what actions were performed
    • Report on items in the Audit Log, useful for troubleshooting problems
    • Limit file-level access to certain users
    • Carry user role definitions across reports


    Set up specialized alerts & reminders

    • Stop missing events with automated triggers and alerts
    • Assign follow-up or escalating events to managers and department heads
    • Add reminders to tasks to reduce overdue tasks
    • Email task reminders with attachments right from RL6


    Export data to PSOs or state reporting bodies

    • Easily export your adverse event data from RL6 (add-on service, additional fees apply) and submit it to PSOs
    • Send data to state-level reporting bodies and insurance companies
    • Submit to systems that track operational statistics to help generate corporate reports


    Pick the taxonomy that works for your organization

    • Built-in taxonomy incorporates best practices from leading healthcare organizations such as AHRQ, WHO and PA-PSRS
    • Create your own taxonomy
    • Use multiple taxonomies in the same organization


    Customize your forms to fit your organization

    Every healthcare organization is different. An event submission form that works for a 600-bed university hospital probably isn’t right for a 100-bed long-term care facility. That’s why RL Solutions lets you create your own forms. Because you know what works best for your organization.


    Endorsed by leading healthcare partners

    We have the stamp of approval. AHA Solutions endorsed RL6 as its recommended software for healthcare incident management. We’re also partners with leading patient safety organizations like ASHRM, sharing best practices and offering our clients complimentary memberships.


    Support a culture of safety with anonymous submission

    Staff can submit patient safety events anonymously with RL6. Promote a just culture at your healthcare organization. RL Solutions clients report that their patient safety reporting increases by up to 50% after they start using risk management software to track medical errors, including medication errors.


    Choose how you deploy RL6

    Unlike with other patient safety software, RL Solutions lets our clients decide how they wish to deploy their software. Other companies only offer a hosted solution, where the vendor stores your data off-site and you can’t customize the software. Most of our clients choose to host the data themselves and customize the software to fit their risk management practices.


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